Rush Valley Rodeo - Saturday July 8

For the third year in a row we will head to Tooele County to shoot the rodeo. This rodeo is good for photography since it is during the day and we can get close to the action. Fast film (800 speed, for example) works best. Rodeo begins approximately 6 pm.....Kind of loose out there. Could be 7, but not

earlier than 6. It will go until almost dark....

Food and drink booths......pretty good last year.

Lots of spontaneous photo ops of the kids and rodeo hands before and during the rodeo. If you have

kids (5 to 16) there are events they can enter: Mutton busting and Calves with Cash. Looks like fun.

There were many ribbons awarded at the Fairs for Rush Valley Rodeo photos.

Suggestions: Bring lots of water, a picnic meal, sunscreen or long sleeve shirt, wide brim hat, and FAST

film. Old clothes and real shoes. Didnít need bug repellent last year, but......

Because the sun will set at the backs of most riders, their faces will be shaded. Itís plenty "contrasty,"

anyway, so plan accordingly. Pushing your film in this contrasty situation isnít a good idea, so try to

bring ISO 800 film. The natives are really friendly, so be friendly, too.

DIRECTIONS: The village of Rush Valley is about 60 miles from Sandy either by going I-80 around the

north and hwy 36 through Tooele, or by going I-15 South to Lehi and then West on hwy 73. Rush

Valley is on some, but not all Utah road maps, so take these instructions with you.

Find the intersection of Utah highways 36 and 73 on a map. (36 goes South from Tooele, and 73 goes

West from Lehi.) Set your car odometer to 0.0 at this intersection. From this point you can take the

scenic route or the fast route to the rodeo grounds. Start by going South on Highway 36 from the


SCENIC ROUTE: At 1.7 miles from the intersection, you will cross railroad tracks. IMMEDIATELY

on your right, hard to see, will be a sign and a road to the right about 45 degrees. Sign says to Rush

Valley. Donít re-set your odometer. At 4.1 miles the road comes to a T at Main Street. Turn Left.

Proceed through beautiful downtown Rush Valley. At 6.4 miles turn Right at a Stop Sign. Youíll be

there at 8.0 miles.

FAST ROUTE: At 1.7 miles from the intersection, you will cross railroad tracks. Do not veer to the

right, but stay on the "main road," Highway 36. At 3.9 miles, turn Right onto State Highway 191. At

5.8, youíll be there.