Wasatch Camera Club Field Trips

May 5-7, Lake Powell, Antelope Slot Canyon and Monument Valley. The Friday through Sunday field trip will explore nature's beauty along the Utah-Arizona border. Members will have the option of camping or staying in hotels. We will meet Friday night at the Wahweep campground near Page (about 370 miles from Salt Lake City). Hotels are available in Page. Sunrise will find us capturing the sun as it breaks over Lake Powell. After breakfast we will go to either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon just outside of Page. These world famous slot canyons are where water has cut through the orange sandstone leaving swirling, twisting patterns. They are deep and narrow and the sun often does not reach the floor even at mid-day.

Next we will journey to Monument Valley (about 2 hours). Camping is available at Monument Valley Navajo Park or get a room at Gouldings Lodge. I would suggest making your own reservations at Gouldings quickly as it may fill up. We will photograph sunset at the famous mittens. For Sunday morning we will hire a Navajo guide to take us to a special spot for sunrise. This will probably cost between $20-$30 each but is well worth it. We will also have opportunities to photograph the Navajos in Monument Valley including (hopefully) the man in the red shirt on the horse. A small fee ($1-2) is required to photograph these native Americans. Then it's back home by way of Moab. If you like you can easily stretch this trip another day to include some of the other sites in the area such as Bryce Canyon or Arches National Parks. This is a long, tiring (late to bed, early to rise) weekend but the photo opportunities are outstanding.

Bill Crnkovich