Proposed competition rule change for 1999-2000 club year:

Rule 1 Clarification: Current: "Youth is for high school and younger."

Proposed change: "Youth is for high school (finishing Junior year at the start of the club year in May) and younger"

Rule 5 Clarification:

Proposed addition: "Youth "Photographer of the Year" will be required to move up to Novice class based on a recommendation by the WCC board; it is not automatic."

Rule 1 Addition:

Proposed change: "A photographer must enter in the same class for slides and color prints. The photographer may enter in a different class for black and white prints."

Current Rule 3: "There is no print size limit."

Proposed change: "Minimum print image size will be 8" x 10" except for the Youth class which will have no minimum size. Maximum print image size will be 16" x 20". Mats may be larger than 16" x 20"."

Discussion: the minimum print size is to make it easier to display the print and to allow for the judge and audience to better view the print. The exception for Youth class is due to the cost of prints for our younger members. The maximum print image size is to make a level playing field for all competitors. Larger prints tend to have more impact but cost more. We don't want to have our competitions turn into a contest to see who can afford the bigger prints. We could allow a different size maximum image for the different classes. For example, Novice and Advanced could be limited to 16" x 20" while Master class would have no size limit.

Rule 5 Addition:

Proposed change: "1 point will be awarded for each entry which does not receive an award."

Rule 5 Addition:

Proposed change: "Additional Honorable Mentions may be awarded by the judge(s) with the total number of awards (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd) not to exceed 1/3 of the entries for Youth, 1/3 for Novice and 1/4 for Advanced. As a minimum a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM shall be awarded for Youth, Novice and Advanced. The judge shall award 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM in Master only as (s)he feels deserving."

Current Rule 8: "No photograph that has won any award may be resubmitted in any form in any monthly competition."

Proposed change: "An image which has won an award in any category may be resubmitted in the Digital category with digital changes. Elements of a digital picture may be re-used multiple times with no changes, e.g., a full moon may be added to as many digital pictures as desired."

Discussion: with the advent of digital imaging, a picture can be "created" on the computer. By allowing a winning picture to be modified with the computer, the photographer has made a new picture. We should require the image to be significantly modified but "significant" is probably impossible to define. What the original rule is supposed to do is stop someone from enter the same picture as a slide, a print and possibly even as a black and white print. The part of allowing a digital element to be re-used unmodified will give the photographer greater creativity with his new image.

We will be voting on these proposed rule changes at the April meeting. You can e-mail me with any comments concerning these at I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Crnkovich