Wasatch Camera Club -- Rules of Competition (5/2000)

Ratified at April 2000 Board Meeting


1.) WCC members can enter under either youth, novice, advanced or master classification. Youth is for high school (finishing Junior year at the start of the club year in May) and younger. Novice class is for beginners and less experienced photographers. All entries must have been taken by the competitor. A photographer must enter in the same class for slides and color prints. The photographer may enter in a different class for black and white prints.

2.) Members can enter up to 2 photos in each of the 4 categories: Of the 2 images entered in each category, 1 must have been taken in the previous 2 years.

a) Color slides

b) Color prints

c) Black and white prints (hand colored black and white is considered black and white)

d) Digital (Youth/Novice/Advanced/Master combined class. All photographic elements in a digital photograph must have been taken by the photographer.)

Entries in the color prints and black and white prints categories may only be created by traditional photographic print processes, or by a digital printer from an image stored on a computer. The original image must have been created in a camera and not altered on the computer to any extent not possible in a chemical darkroom process. Acceptable alterations include color balance, enlargement, and sharpening via an unsharp mask or similar filter. No increase in color saturation (other than that created by the acceptable alterations noted above), addition of elements not in the original photo or use of artistic filters in photo editing software is permitted.

As before, members who do use any of the many tools to create enhanced images not possible in a traditional darkroom are encouraged to enter them in the digital category.

3.) Minimum print image size will be 8" x 10" except for the Youth and Digital classes which will have no minimum size. Maximum print image size will be 16" x 20". Mats may be larger than 16" x 20". Prints must be matted; over-mats (white or colored) are permitted. Frames are not allowed.

4.) Entries must be identified.

a) Slides: as you view the slide, put a dot in the bottom left corner; write your name (not initials) and the photo's title on the back.

b) Prints: write your name (not initials), the photo's title and an arrow pointing toward the top on the back of the mat board.

c) Photo titles must appear on all entries.

5.) Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention. Additional Honorable Mentions (HM) may be awarded by the judge(s) with the total number of awards (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd) not to exceed 1/3 of the entries for Youth, 1/3 for Novice and 1/4 for Advanced. As a minimum a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM shall be awarded for Youth, Novice and Advanced. The judge shall award 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM in the Master class only as he/she feels deserving, that is, the judge need not make all awards in Master class. Points will awarded to each winner with 10 points for first place, 8 for second place, 6 for third place and 4 for Honorable Mention. Based on the points accumulated throughout the camera club year, a "Photographer of the Year" will be recognized by the club in each class and category. The photographer must enter in at least half (3) the competitions in that category to be eligible for "Photographer of the Year." Novice "Photographer of the Year" will automatically move to the Advanced class in the following club year. Advanced "Photographer of the Year" will automatically move to Master class in the following club year. Youth "Photographer of the Year" will be required to move up to Novice class based on a decision by the WCC board; it is not automatic.

6.) A minimum of 2 participants is required for a competition in a category. If there is only one competitor in a category, the classes will be combined with the approval of the involved parties. Winners will receive points in the class and category originally entered.

7.) The same image may not be entered in another form in a different category in the same competition. No photograph that has won any award may be resubmitted in any form in any monthly competition except it may be resubmitted in the Digital category with digital changes. Elements of a digital picture may be re-used multiple times with no changes, e.g., a full moon may be added to as many digital pictures as desired. Note: this applies to the open competitions only; you can enter the same image in the open competition and the special competitions and monthly assignments.

8.) Annual Photograph(s) of the Year Competition. A member may submit up to two (2) entries, each of which is a "ribbon winner" in the current club year, in each of the three competition categories: Color Slides, Color Prints, and black and White Print. The image must be in the original format in which it won the ribbon. Entrants must compete in three (3) open competitions to enter this category.

9.) Monthly Assignment will be held at each meeting. This category is an assigned subject that is judged by members and receives no point value. There are no class differences in this category; everyone competes at the same level.

10.) An Activity Spotlight category will be held monthly to promote field trip activities. Members may submit up to three (3) photos or slides from the monthly field trips.

11.) Critique Corner is a category for critique only. Up to two (2) slides or photos can be submitted monthly for critique by club members.